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by Appointment 

May to

September 7

weather permitting

​Are you looking for inexpensive family fun?

If so, we're the farm for you. We are a volunteer based organization with a focus for education within our community.  During a visit to our farm you can expect to see a very up close and informational visit with our creatures and guides. Upon arrival you will be taken on a quick paced guided tour. During this time your attendant will be giving a voalized presentation on the animals you are viewing. Then you have the rest of the day to explore!

Hand Feed and Bottle Feed Animals

to The Fairview Zoo located near Wapello, IA

Come see our unique and entertaining animals in a peaceful farm environment
See the largest Prairie Dog
town in the state of Iowa!
Zoo Residents

From anteaters to Arctic foxes, the farm is home to animals from around the world.

White buffalo, considered sacred by American Indians,  roam the farm’s grasslands, where prairie dogs also whoop and frolic. Several camels aren’t far off.

Meet Topanga the Hyena

Topanga’s big, toothy grin seems like a genuine reaction when DeWayne Connolly approaches her cage. The hand-raised hyena is comfortable around most people and has even been on the David Letterman show with well-known animal handler Jack Hanna, whom DeWayne Connolly has worked with many times.

Great Place for Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Bring the "little ones" to The Fairview Zoological Farm for their next Birthday Party.  What a great way to share a wonderful experience!  It'll be a birthday party they are sure to remember for years to come.  Call today and make a reservation!                                   319-931-2481 or 563-523-3689

The Fairview Zoological Farm is 501(C) Non-Profit Organization. Your tax deductible donations are greatly needed, and appreciated!

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